range rules

range rules

We want to ensure a safe and fun shooting experience for everyone. We believe that good, common sense safety rules, that are strictly enforced, is the key to a fun and satisfying shooting experience. Our rules are based on the recommendations of trusted sources, including the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

our goals

• Zero Incidents
• Zero Near Misses
• safe environment
• safe shooters

If you don't understand a rule, please ask questions and follow the instructions of the Range Safety Officer at all times. Be safe and have fun!

Basic Range Rules

  1. Always treat every gun as if it is loaded
  2. Keep every gun pointed in a safe direction – Downrange and in the shooting lane.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to shoot. All handling – including loading and unloading of firearms – is limited to your assigned shooting lane on the bench provided. Only one loaded firearm is permitted at a single time.
  4. No one is allowed forward of the firing line at any time, under any circumstances. Notify the RSO if you need to retrieve something ahead of the line.
  5. Anyone can call for a “CEASE FIRE” at any time. If you hear the command, stop shooting immediately, put down your firearm facing downrange, and step back from the shooting lane. Then notify the RSO immediately.
  6. We respect your right to legally carry a loaded concealed handgun. Other firearms brought onto the property must be unloaded and in a secure case or range bag, prior to entering the facility.
  7. When you are not shooting, your firearm should be on the shooting bench with the action open. Never pass a loaded firearm to another person. Place unloaded firearms on the bench in your shooting lane and allow the next person to pick it up and load it. Do not move firearms from one lane to another.
  8. You may load magazines on the side tables, but firearms must remain on the bench in the shooting lane.
  1. Place your target at eye level for the shooter, to ensure that your shots strike the backstop and not the floor or ceiling.
  2. All fire shall be aimed fire. No shooting from the hip.
  3. Drawing from a holster and firing is not permitted without prior approval from the Range Master.
  4. If you have a problem with your firearm, or you cannot clear a firearm malfunction, leave the firearm in the shooting lane and notify the RSO.
  5. Shooting at objects on the floor, walls or ceiling, is not permitted. Cross lane firing is prohibited. Shooters are responsible for any and all damage to the range that comes from reckless, negligent, or careless shooting.
  6. In the event of a “CEASE FIRE” do not attempt to make your firearm safe until directed to do so. Shooters may return to the firing lane only after the “ALL CLEAR” signal has been given.
  7. Do not touch a firearm, magazine, or ammunition, if someone is forward of the firing line.
  8. If you drop something forward of the firing line do not attempt to retrieve. Notify the RSO immediately.
  9. If there is any target malfunction, notify the RSO immediately.
  10. We reserve the right to eject or refuse service to anyone who inappropriately handles a firearm or would potentially endanger the safety of our customers or staff, in the sole opinion of the RSO. Any customers ejected from the range are ineligible to receive a refund for range fees.


  1. Be sure you are using the correct ammunition for your gun at all times.
  2. Tracer, explosive/incendiary or armor piercing ammunition is prohibited.
  3. All Pistol and Rifle calibers up to and including .308 Win are permitted.
  4. Shotguns are allowed with slugs or 00 Buckshot only. Handguns that shoot shotgun shells are allowed with slugs only.
  5. No black powder or muzzleloaders are allowed.
  6. Shooters may keep their own fired brass as long as they do not disrupt the shooters around them or create a safety hazard. Please do not ask other shooters for their brass.
  7. No aluminum cased ammunition, brass or steel only.

Other Important Range Rules

  1. Shooters must put on eye and hearing protection prior to entering the range and keep it on until they exit.
  2. “Double Hearing Protection” is recommended for all shooters and is required for all shooters under the age of 18.
  3. Safety glasses should provide full coverage. Wrap around style, ANSI safety rated and labeled “Z87” are recommended.
  4. Customers who wear prescription glasses should wear ANSI-Z87 rated safety glasses, or wear rated safety glasses over their prescription glasses.
  5. It is the shooter’s responsibility to understand how to operate the firearm safely and ensure that it is in proper working order, as well as understanding all safety features prior to shooting. If you have any questions, ask the RSO.
  6. The RSO will inspect all firearms, ammunition and equipment, when customers check in.

Rental Gun Rules

  1. You must have at least two persons in your group or possession of a personal firearm to participate in the firearm rental program.
  2. Only ammunition purchased from the range is permitted in rental firearms.
  3. Firearms will be carried by the customer in the supplied hand tote with the action open.
  4. Full auto rentals will be carried to the shooting lane by the RSO, and the RSO will accompany the customer during the rental session.

Health & Safety Considerations

  1. No food or drink is permitted on the range.
  2. No smoking, including electronic smoking devices and chewing tobacco, is allowed.
  3. Appropriate range clothing is required: no sandals or open toed shoes, tank tops, V-neck blouses or loose clothing. Pants must be worn at the waist or with a belt.
  4. Our instructors recommend a ball cap to protect the forehead from flying brass and keep brass from going down safety glasses.
  5. Expectant mothers are not permitted on the range at any time.

Lead Safety & Your Health

  1. After shooting or handling firearms, a good washing policy is important to your health.
  2. Wash your hands, arms and face with COLD water and lead-removal soap.
  3. Avoid using warm water because it will open your skin pores, allowing for more lead exposure.
  4. Never eat, drink or smoke until you have followed the washing policy.

  1. All Federal and State firearm laws must be obeyed.
  2. All shooters must be US citizens or permanent residents with accompanying driver’s license or green card.
  3. Visitors from out of the country may shoot on the range if one of the following criteria is met:
    • Visitor has a valid and current hunting license in accordance with Federal law requirements or
    • Visitor is an approved member of the Visa Waiver Program and can provide proof of their status in the program (passport with Visa Waiver stamp or approval letter from the Visa Waiver Program).
  4. No one will be permitted on the range if they are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substances.
  5. Shooters under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times.
  6. If you intend to do bodily harm to yourself or others you are not permitted on the range at any time.
  7. All Class III weapons must be checked in at the Range Station with the required federal stamp.
  8. Only authorized targets may be used and are subject to RSO approval. The RSO reserves the right to prohibit any target that is deemed offensive, inappropriate, or unsafe in their sole opinion.